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Need to address the cyber skills gap in your organisation?

Hire quality professionals with the PGI Cyber Academy.

PGI is looking for organisations who will address skills gaps within their cyber and information security capabilities, to quickly and cost-effectively recruit passionate, dedicated and newly qualified cyber professionals to their team.

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Are you looking for a new career in cyber security?

The PGI Cyber Academy can guarantee free training and introduce you to great employers.

PGI welcomes candidates to apply to our Women in Cyber initiative, who want to retrain, return to work, or simply want to get started in the cyber security industry.

Applications for our current cohort are now closed. Please check back in 2020 for information on how to apply for the next cohort.

The cyber gap, the difference between the demand for cyber security professionals and their supply, is projected to reach 1.8million by 2022. The UK needs a rapid response that take people with a cyber aptitude to employment as quickly as possible.

The cyber security profession comprises jobs that are both technical and non-technical in nature. Women in Cyber is a DCMS sponsored training programme that converts candidates into an entry-level cyber security professional, with employment guaranteed before training starts. Candidates will simply need to demonstrate an aptitude for this kind of work and the training will do the rest.

We are not just looking for graduates, but all returners and career changers; all women with or without a STEM or other technical experience but have the aptitude that emerges in the diagnostic online and face to face selection process.

Research predicted that women made up only 20% of the global cyber security workforce in 2018. This is partly due to misperception over what careers in cyber actually entail. As a result, the cyber security profession as a whole suffers without the full range of diverse talent that all professions require.

Many roles in cyber security are suited to flexible working patterns, require consensual engagement with diverse parties and an aptitude for problem-solving and multi-tasking. Women in Cyber has a diverse delivery pattern for the training, including elements of home learning and targeted support available for child care and an all-women cohort.

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The initiative – Bridging the Gap

PGI, supported by Hawker Chase, have designed a programme that enables women to convert their aptitude and current skill set into entry-level cyber security – no experience or background is necessary. It involves a fast track to employment methodology.

  • Target candidates who are women from a technical and non-technical background who want to become cyber security professionals.
  • Target employers who are looking to hire cyber security professionals.
  • Online selection process gauging the suitability of candidates for Cyber Security careers.
  • Further assessment and an interview, leading to an offer of employment by the partner employers.
  • Candidate completion of a 10-week cyber security training programme, with options for some home learning and targeted child-care support available.
  • Subsequent deployment within employers as Information Security Specialists, Governance, Risk and Compliance officers, SOC analysts and Penetration Testers.


This initiative is supported by the Cyber Skills Immediate Impact Fund of the Department of Culture, Media and Sport.


The Audience and Pilot

The success of the programme has already been demonstrated through a pilot of mixed-gender veterans from a variety of backgrounds, who wanted to convert to the cyber security profession. The same approach is now being applied to the diversity challenge, with a research project running alongside the programme to analyse the optimal way in which this methodology can be scaled across the industry to help address the broader cyber security skills gap.

This specific programme is aimed at women who want to become cyber security professionals. Candidates with little or no prior knowledge of cyber security are welcome.

We are looking for both candidates and more employers to take part in this initiative.

 A Sustainable Workforce

The cyber security skills gap is increasing the employer cost of hiring professionals to an unsustainable level. By collectively addressing the cyber security skills gap through this programme, hiring costs will be driven down and employee retention issues can be immediately addressed.

This is the route for innovative and modern employers to create significant savings over the employee life-cycle, as well as playing a major part in addressing the diversity gap that the profession can no longer economically or morally afford to sustain.

Sustainable Workforce

The Guaranteed Job

Employment for the candidates who successfully pass the selection process begins before the training starts. On completion of the training programme, they will move into operational roles within the companies. The employers will maintain engagement with the candidates throughout the training programme.

Guarenteed Job

Case Study - Armed Forces to Cyber Conversion

Joseph Chmiel is just one of many confident individuals who has taken the leap into a career in cyber security; from serving as a captain within the British Army, working for the world’s leading independent, end-to-end IT services and solutions company, Joseph is a perfect example that with little or no technical experience, anyone with the aptitude to learn can make it into the cyber security market, through our Cyber Retraining Programme.

Read the case study  

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