Testing & Assurance Services

Providing A Full Range Of Certified
Technical Testing Services.

From vulnerability assessments to full comprehensive penetration testing, our Cyber Security specialists provide an in-depth professional level of service to our clients.

To defend your organisation from Cyber Security threats, a risk assessment needs to be carried out. The assessment will evaluate the risks and overall strength of your organisation’s IT security. Most cyber criminals use existing critical flaws in infrastructure when they attack, so it is crucial that you know where the vulnerabilities are.

Our Cyber Security specialists test a client’s network by using non-intrusive methods that replicate today’s sophisticated hacking techniques. We will identify any weaknesses and tell you exactly what you’re facing and which vulnerabilities are the most likely to be exploited by hostile actors.

The Process

Our CHECK certified team uses a multi-phase testing methodology by using both public and commercially available tools, as well as in-house developed scripts and applications.

Our bespoke cyber risk assessment may include testing systems such as:

  • Firewalls
  • Routers
  • Servers
  • Client devices
  • Email systems
  • VPN systems

If a vulnerability is detected we provide immediate notice and remedial advice for any issues identified, as well as a detailed technical and management report on completion of the work.

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