Penetration Testing

Advanced penetration testing to
identify vulnerable areas

Let us find exploitable technical vulnerabilities in your
websites before they do.

Fix your security weaknesses with comprehensive web app, infrastructure and network testing.

About Penetration Testing

What is penetration testing?

No business is immune to cyber-attacks. In fact, every year, nearly half of all UK businesses suffer some sort of breach. But there are measures that your organisation can take to minimise risk, helping you to maintain your income, your valuable internal resources, and your reputation with your clients.

Identify your cyber vulnerabilities

Penetration testing is a method of identifying possible ‘penetration points’; any vulnerabilities or gaps in IT security that could be exploited, leaving your business at greater risk.

Experts recommend how to fix the vulnerabilities

This testing format is simulated hacking, undertaken by security experts. Once gaps have been identified in your systems and networks, they provide expert advice for strengthening your defences.

Why have a penetration test?

It's not just about keeping your clients happy; it’s about being proactive and doing everything you can to keep your business safe. whilst cyber security is important to UK businesses, we’ve found that only 27% have a formal policy in place.

Much like carrying out an annual MOT on your car, we recommend regular penetration testing for all businesses to ensure ongoing mitigation of risk; however, it is even more important if:

You are undergoing digital transformation and introducing new technologies to the workplace

You are transferring data off site, such as utilising cloud storage or outsourcing IT tasks

You have experienced a breach in the past, or are unsure of your system/ network security

Benefits of penetration testing

Pen testing benefits

Find the gaps before someone else does

We believe that regular penetration testing is the most effective way for businesses to fix gaps in their IT setup before they become problematic.

Peace of mind

At PGI, we provide you with peace of mind that your valuable data is as safe and secure as possible, while also boosting awareness of risk within the workplace, and helping you to demonstrate to your clients your strong and ongoing commitment to IT security.


Types of penetration testing

Types of penetration testing

Vulnerabilities can exist within every area of technology, from the hardware you use to your operational processes. That’s why PGI offer a range of penetration tests, covering all potential risk areas:

Infrastructure testing

Examining your operating systems, applications,
software, and firewalls

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Web application testing

Examining public-facing and internal
web applications

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Wireless testing

Examining wireless networks, access points,
and any encryption

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IT Health Check

An enhanced Penetration Test required by government departments, other public bodies and certain companies connected to government systems.

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Product and pricing

Price Inclusive
£ Request a price   Bespoke security testing

   Detailed report findings and remediation activities

   High-level executive overview


Why choose PGI?

At PGI, we’re able to view your IT setup from an alternative perspective. With years of experience in the field of security and IT management, our team have gained a unique insight into the opportunities that attackers are looking for and which aspects of your system they view as a possible weakness.

We use the most effective methods to identify vulnerabilities, without disrupting operations, allowing us to highlight problem areas and work with you to identify the most suitable solutions.

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Penetration Testing knowledge hub

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