Password Checker Tool

Ensure your password is secure for life

What is the Password Checker Tool?

This online service allows you to evaluate the strength of your password.

Whilst no information is sent or stored by PGI, we recommend that you never enter the password you use online into a third party service.

You can use this checker to see how length and characters such as !&@ all help to make your password more secure from malicious hackers.

Remember, test passwords with a similar structure to yours but don't input your actual password.


Check your password security

Enter your password below to receive the results on how easy or difficult your password could be discovered.

Recommendations to keep you safe


Our bespoke range of Cyber Security services not only protect your critical assets, they will also provide the education you need to keep your operations safe.


PGI experts are highly knowledgeable in Cyber Security. Below are a few informative articles to ensure individuals remain safe online.

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