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Data Breach Response & Recovery services

Data Breach Response & Recovery services

Despite best efforts, data breaches can and do happen and it might take days, months or even years to detect. While these breaches are outside of your control, you can control how your business responds to, and recovers from, these events.

Data breach recovery can be challenging for businesses, in terms of both time and cost. In fact, research suggests that it costs the average large business more than £22,000 to handle a data breach.

Our experienced team are dedicated to protecting your business, offering a wide range of response and recovery services, limiting disruption:

Advanced Functionality

Identification of a data breach and detection
of malware

Risk Management

Confirmation of the extent of the breach and degree of damage

Advanced Functionality

Digital forensic services to generate an accurate sequence of events

Risk Management

Discovery of weaknesses in hardware, software, or in operational processes

Advanced Functionality

Comprehensive assessment of vulnerability to predict future risk

Risk Management

Support for businesses in creating an effective, tailored disaster
recovery plan

Risk Management

Recovery of corporate data to minimise downtime

How does Data Breach Response & Recovery work?

How does Data Breach Response & Recovery work?

At PGI, we use a 4-stage ‘ICES’ approach to data breach response & recovery. This thorough approach covers a breach from start to finish by identifying, containing, eradicating, and strengthening.

Stage 1: Identify

Our team conduct a full assessment to identify a breach and confirm that an incident has taken place. We will analyse your systems and network to determine the technique used.

Stage 2: Contain

Once we understand what we’re dealing with, we’ll get to work quickly to contain the data breach and prevent it from spreading further, minimising damage to your business and reputation.

Stage 3: Eradicate

Our team will utilise a variety of professional approaches to resolve the problem in a safe and controlled manner, minimising data loss, preventing spread, and reducing your downtime.

Stage 4: Strengthen

At PGI, we’re with you every step of the way. This includes supporting you in the aftermath of a data breach, helping you to strengthen your processes to minimise your future risk.

Product & pricing

Price Inclusive
£ Request a price   Computer incident reponse team deployment

   Dedicated customer account management digital media investigation

   Full and detailed reporting


Why choose PGI?

At PGI, our team believe that speed is everything. We strive to be among the quickest to identify, address, and resolve a data breach to get you back up and running as soon as possible.

We’re also proud to utilise some of the most advanced techniques for data recovery, working to ensure that—should the worst happen—your business has the support it needs to restore, resume, and recoup.

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