Cybersecurity Services for SMEs

You don't have to be a global player to be at
risk from cyber security threats.

Every day, businesses of every size are facing online dangers but due to their size SMEs are particularly at risk. PGI’s online cyber security Services Portal has been specifically designed for SMEs.

Practical and easy to use, it’s a fast and cost-effective solution to improve online security and meet the expectations of clients, staff, suppliers, regulators and associated organisations. The straightforward self-assessment process explains a business’s online vulnerabilities and how best to mitigate them. Our Cyber Services Portal then enables you to choose from an extensive range of accredited products

designed specifically for SMEs such as Cyber Essentials Accreditation and priced accordingly. If you need advice, our team is here to help. It’s fast. It’s inexpensive. It’s easy. Good online security will make your business more resilient, future-proof your trading partnerships and help open up new business opportunities. Even the simplest measures can have the biggest impact.


Cyber SME Services services

Cyber Essentials Certification

Protect your organisation from cyber security threats with Cyber Essentials.

Discover Cyber Essentials
Assessment & Testing

We provide a full range of accredited, certified and bespoke services that assess the resilience of our client’s cyber security posture.

Discover Assessment and Testing
Incident Response and Recovery

If you suspect that your organisation has suffered a security breach call PGI’s Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT). Our team of cyber security specialists can deploy quickly and efficiently to begin the process of detecting and eliminating the threat.

Discover Incident Response and Recovery

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