Cyber security services for Corporates

Keeping Your Business Secure

PGI’s cyber security services for corporates provide the most efficient solutions to the security challenges faced by corporations.

Our cyber security specialists offer guidance in the area of strategic policy development and address specific areas of concern. Large organisations are big targets for hostile actors and as such your security needs to be robust enough to counter the threats you face. PGI’s bespoke range of cyber security services can give you the protection you need.

Some of the key Cyber Security services
for corporate that we provide include:

Information Assurance Policy Development, Review and Audit

Does your organisation have the correct polices in place to meet your regulatory and legal obligations?

PGI’s team of information assurance specialists are able to provide a review of your policy and guidance documents to provide confidence to management and senior leadership teams that the correct polices exist.

Where this is not the case our team is able to work with staff within your own business to develop policies that meet your individual requirements and business processes.

Cyber Security Training for Businesses

PGI’s qualified trainers and certified training provide the clarity and balanced approach that allow companies to manage cyber risks alongside every other corporate risk as part of their risk management approach. PGI’s approach recognises that managing the cyber security risk is simply an on-going cost of doing business in the 21st century.

PGI delivers the three fundamental components of corporate cyber training and education:

  • A leadership that understands cyber risk, sets the right organisational culture and invests proportionately
  • A workforce and supply chain that applies their understanding of the threat into day to day behaviours and responsibilities
  • A technical workforce that operates technological business tools securely and effectively.
Discover Cyber Security Training
Technical Audit and Assurance

Virtually any organization can become victim of a cyber-attack. Penetration testing can help determine system vulnerabilities, if the defences are sufficient and which of them (if any) have been defeated during the tests. This allows for an external, third party documented assessment of a business’s security posture. This can help feed into auditing, due diligence, and gap assessments.

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