Cultural & Behavioural Analysis

Reduce the Insider Threat

PGI’s cultural and behavioural analysis service protects you from the threats that emanate from within an organisation.

As external and technical cyber defences improve, the role of an insider in any cyber-attack is becoming more important. A number of recently released surveys show that more than half of all people seeking to defraud a company are already on the inside.

Combating the Insider Threat:
gaining the advantage

The Insider Threat is a major risk to businesses and governments the world over. A disgruntled employee or rogue business partner can cause catastrophic damage if left unchecked.

High levels of disenchantment can lead to problems ranging from reduced performance to the extremes of sabotage and theft.

To defend against the threat, PGI in conjunction with psychologists from University College London have devised a unique approach for governments and businesses to address these issues.

Our Behavioural Services include:

  • Training and Advice – We offer a wide range of training courses that gives you the skills needed to assist your organisation avoid risks.
  • Culture Monitoring and Insider Risk – Culture Metrics offers senior clients the ability to monitor the internal culture of their organisation and avoid the risks posed by Insider threats.

If a vulnerability is detected we provide immediate notice and remedial advice for any issues identified, as well as a detailed technical and management report on completion of the work.

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