Online Hostility Monitoring

Identifying potential threats

PGI’s Online Hostile Reconnaissance (OHR) service is designed to put clients back in control of their online footprint.

Employees, third party vendors and journalists may have published information about you, your building or your company. Such information can be misused by groups ranging from terrorists to social engineers. The first step to mitigate these risks is to understand the online environment and what information is out there.

Cyber Threat Intelligence -
Helping You Avoid Risk

We identify physical, human, cyber or network vulnerabilities to companies, individuals or installations based on the same open-source material available to terrorists, activists and hackers. This can be extended to include full penetration and physical Red-Team testing.

PGI’s analysts use specialist open source research skills to investigate hard-to-reach areas of the internet. PGI’s intelligence specialists collaborates closely with our cyber specialists to develop cutting edge collection tools, ensuring all aspects of a client’s online profile are reviewed in a thorough but non-invasive manner.

PGI's Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) services provide clients with advanced warning of online threats that could affect their business operations or reputation. Our CTI reports include up-to-date analysis of industry attack trends and developments worldwide, and where appropriate provide recommendations for mitigation procedures.

Working with global partners we ensure that our clients access the most current and sophisticated technical offerings, such as phishing protection, to mitigate the threat of online hijacking of company brands.

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