Geopolitical Risk Analysis

We provide geopolitical risk analysis services and market entry studies to help clients navigate new political, security and business environments, allowing them to mitigate potential threats.

Your most valuable asset is your people. When looking to tap into emerging markets it’s essential you not only understand the risks to your company, but also those potentially faced by your employees.

Developing Cyber Infrastructure

Our geopolitical analysis services include:
  • Bespoke country profiles assessing the risk of the regulatory environment and security threats
  • PGI Risk Portal
  • On and off shore assessments of specific geographies
  • Detailed analysis of political and regulatory risks in specific geographical locations of interest
  • Deep level analysis of open-source and privileged information
  • Country-specific maritime risk profiles
  • Mapping of maritime incidents to enable more informed route planning
  • Charting of maritime incidents to provide statistics and comparison information between countries
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Our geopolitical risk analysis Reports typically include:
  • Analysis of the existing investment climate, regulatory and competitor landscape and threats to foreign business
  • Political and industry specific stakeholder mapping
  • Security assessments and forecasts
  • Threat matrix, scenario planning and risk mitigation advice.

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