Corporate Investigations

Enhanced Due Diligence, Integrity
& AML Investigations.

PGI’s Enhanced Due Diligence and corporate investigations team assesses risks associated with individuals, entities and their affiliates, regardless of jurisdiction.

Our EDD and Investigations provide full integrity reviews of parties involved, as well as identifying the provenance of funds involved in a transaction or deal. We help our clients successfully acquire assets or merge with other companies, get on-board the right clients, and hire the right people.

No Stone Unturned

Our work provides in-depth analysis on high risk entities as well as indicators of malpractice. Our findings provide assurances as well as insights into reputational, integrity and compliance risks, enabling strategic decision-making at all stages of the business cycle.

High levels of disenchantment can lead to problems ranging from reduced performance to the extremes of sabotage and theft.

Our Enhanced Due Diligence services are tailored to the precise needs of our clients and may include:

  • Enhanced due diligence for banks and financial services institutions
  • Pre-IPO due diligence for advisers
  • Management due diligence for Private Equity
  • Integrity due diligence relating to Mergers and Acquisitions

Anti-Money Laundering Investigations

Our Anti-Money Laundering investigations service provides in-depth analysis on high risk entities and indicators of malpractice ensuring that your organisation avoids dealing with bodies using unlawful practises.

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