Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Assessments - Closing the Gaps in Your Cyber Security

To defend your business from cybersecurity threats, a vulnerability assessment needs to be carried out.

The assessment evaluates the risks and overall strength of your organisation’s IT security. Most cyber criminals use existing critical flaws in infrastructure when they attack, so it is crucial that you know where the vulnerabilities are. Our cybersecurity specialists test a client’s network by using non-intrusive methods that replicate today’s sophisticated hacking techniques. We will identify any weaknesses and tell you exactly what you’re facing and which vulnerabilities are the most likely to be exploited by hackers.

Penetration Testing - Exposing
Cyber Security Vulnerabilities

Following on from a vulnerability assessment you need to know just how effective your defences really are.

Penetration testing determines security weaknesses and tests an organisations security compliance and awareness, as-well-as an organisation's ability to identify and respond to a potential security incident. The penetration test will result in a comprehensive report that outlines the detailed security posture of an organisation, its weaknesses and recommendations for remediation. The tests will also show which defences (if any) have been defeated during testing.

PGI’s certified technicians will perform a test that simulates both an internal and external network attack by using a range of methodologies preferred by hackers, criminals and state-sponsored operatives.

PGI’s penetration testers follow highly effective industry recognised methodologies to offer you the best solution to defend your organization from future or potential cyber threats. Our consultants can tailor the tests to your needs and will keep you informed throughout the testing phase.

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