Monitoring and Incident Response

Monitoring Threats to keep you safe

PGI’s Monitoring and Incident Response Services keep you informed of any potential and real threats. These risk mitigation services limit the damage caused to your organisation by a cybersecurity incident.

PGI’s Online Hostile Reconnaissance (OHR) service is designed to put clients back in control of their online footprint. By monitoring social media, the wider internet and the Dark Web. We can identify any probable threat agents such as terrorists, activist groups and social engineers.

Our bespoke offering means that our team of intelligence experts can conduct Online Threat Monitoring in the best way you see fit, be it as a one-off assessment or as periodical/daily briefings.

Incident Response. Ensuring Business Continuity

If you suspect that your organisation’s network security has been compromised call PGI’s Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT). With the cyber threat growing you need to place the safety or your organisations invaluable data in the hands of the cyber specialists. Depending on your requirements, our CIRT can monitor, detect and solve any security breaches that your organisation may suffer or suffered. Our incident response specialists can also help limit any operational disruption, financial losses and reputational damage that may result from a breach.

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