Remote Profiling

Maximise your chances of success

Remote Profiling gives psychological insight to support major Sales, M&A, Hiring and Litigation

Remote Profiler is a comprehensive package of personality reporting services designed to maximise the probability of success in major negotiations and delivers deep insights into a counterparts core characteristics.

Remote Profiler has three broad elements:

Insight into your client

We gather evidence from the following sources:

  • social media interactions and hidden web material
  • Publicly available profiles
  • Structured interviews with people from your counterpart’s professional and personal network.
Preparing and Implementing a Strategy

Using these insights we prepare a strategy that will give you the edge in negotiations. We help you implement these insights through a variety of methods;

  • Summary report giving implications and recommendations
  • Formal analytical report giving a full evidence base and academic context for our recommendations
  • Personal briefings
  • Coaching and role play to help prepare for negotiation
  • Real-time negotiation support as required

Insight into you

With your permission we analyse your biographical information and conduct interviews with you and your personnel to identify your own dominant characteristics. This helps us to identify the areas where you most connect with your counterpart and those where you have differences

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