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Ensuring that you recruit the best people for your organisation is vital for it to succeed and so is keeping the talent you already have.

PGI’s Remote Profiler service is a service that can assist you when it comes to recruitment. It is designed to give you a deeper understanding of what motivates people and their potential dark side traits helping you recruit the people best suited to your needs. PGI’s Culture Metrics service gives you the ability to monitor the internal culture of your organisation, allowing you to identify management practices that risk fostering negative employee behaviour and possible insider threats.

Keep the best People for your

Culture Metrics analyses the five main causes of employee dissatisfaction:

  • Employee’s perception of corporate deceit - The sense that the image presented by the company to the public is a pack of lies.
  • Perceived Inequity - The idea that some people in the organisation are treated very differently from others.
  • Bullying and Mistreatment - The belief that some senior people are callous, uncaring, nasty and manipulative and that the employee is a victim.
  • Distrust - The clear sense that the organisation does not even trust its own people because, perhaps, it has put in place a number of devious systems to spy on them.
  • Broken Promises - Or expectations not being met.

Culture Metrics was created by John Taylor and Professor Adrian Furnham, world-leading experts on the causes of employee dissatisfaction and the implementation of corrective measures.

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